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For 26 years, PPG has supported leaders' learning, action, accountability and sustained success through our innovative Leadership Development Programs, trusted Advisory and Executive Coaching services.

Office Meeting

PPG's innovative Leadership Elevation Action-learning Development (LEAD) programs engage you to up-skill and build competencies and then apply your learning to address your most pressing leadership challenges. 

Inspired Businessman

Executive Coaching is a process of inspiration and discovery wherein you identify your desired goals and outcomes. In partnership with your Coach you explore new perspectives and understanding. These insights form a foundation for taking action towards a newly possible future and realizing your potential.  

Office Meeting

Our consulting mandates range from a short facilitation for a project team on strategic or operational planning, to several months working with a team of leaders on site to improve specific operational outcomes. Every engagement is customized and paced to deliver your desired performance outcomes and integrate into your organizational context. 

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