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LEAD Program

[Leadership Elevation Action-Learning Development]

2022 Public Program Intakes:

April, June, September 2022

Is LEAD the “Best Fit”  Program for You?

  • You want to upskill and accelerate your leadership outcomes and team performance.

  • You are committed to implementing your learning in the context of your leadership work? 

  • You prefer to learn alongside a small cohort of like-minded leaders in an interactive, high trust, high accountability setting?

  • You are looking for practical training facilitated by seasoned, experienced leaders and content focused on today’s leadership opportunities and challenges?


If this describes you and your goals…LEAD is for you!

What's the investment?

Learning modules are paced to integrate into your work schedule.  To optimize learning outcomes, cohorts are limited in size to 12 leaders.

Time: 45 Instructional Hours

6 Modules delivered one module/month.  


All 2022 modules will be delivered virtually.

To optimize learning outcomes, cohorts will be limited in size to 12 leaders.

Tuition: $4950 + GST

BC residents may be eligible for financial assistance from the BC Employer Training Grant Program. 


Please contact us for more details.

Program Overview and Outcomes:

Launch Module - LEADing Forward

Now is the time to cultivate and demonstrate the attributes of great leadership.  This module explores the leadership mindset, skills and foundational capabilities necessary to cultivate and sustain high accountability, high performance leadership outcomes. 


Learning Outcomes:
You will explore and understand key concepts of Leadership Presence, assess your leadership strengths, identify and commit to measurable development goals in core leadership competencies required to cultivate and lead high accountability, high performance teams.

Module 2 - Strategic and Operational Planning

Especially in unpredictable environments of today, all leaders must be able to create, communicate and execute clear, flexible, strategic and operational plans.  This module develops a solid strategic foundation and planning skills focused on performance execution.


Learning Outcomes:
You will upskill strategic and operational planning and cultivate new tools for alignment of roles, responsibilities and resources. You’ll elevate your scenario plans and capability to create and execute on objectives, measure progress, and generate results that achieve short and long term strategic and operational goals.

Module 3 - Communication and Collaboration

People increasingly work across functional areas.  Leadership within functional silos has evolved to more collaborative, team-based leadership approaches across functional areas.  This module focuses on learning collaborative leadership and communication practices that enhances leadership influence, employee engagement and results across functional areas.


Learning Outcomes:

You will understand and apply specific behaviours that support effective delegation, decision making and improved team communication, collaboration, and trust. 

Module 4 - Performance Coaching & Performance Management

Many organizations are moving away from static, once-annual reviews towards brief performance assessments multiple times a year supported by frequent, less formal, coaching conversations.  This module focuses on coaching for performance and best-practices in performance leadership and management.

Learning Outcomes:
You will learn and apply the GROW coaching for performance model in the context of your leadership work and assess the strengths and gaps in your performance management processes.

Module 5 - Project Leadership

Leaders at all levels are required to achieve team-based project goals within given constraints.  Successful project leadership requires skills  that inspire and influence behaviours and relationships of team members.  This module develops project management skills to plan, focus, schedule and execute on the team’s work.


Learning Outcomes:
You will learn and apply fundamentals in project leadership and management and develop a detailed project management focus and framework for your Capstone Project.

Module 6 - Capstone Presentations and Debrief

The Capstone project demonstrates and integrates learning from all 6 LEAD program modules. Capstone provides each leader with the opportunity to focus and demonstrate LEADership  skills, reflect on program outcomes and commit to continuous leadership learning. 


Learning Outcomes:
You will prepare and present an actionable project that applies the skills you have developed, forwards your leadership learning and positively impacts your personal and organizational results and success. Many program participants report that the ROI on implementing their Capstone project far exceeds their tuition investment!

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