Our Performance Consulting m​andates range from a few days of facilitation for a project team, strategic or operational plan to an engagement of several months working with a team of leaders on-site to improve specific operational outcomes.  Every engagement is customized and paced to best deliver your desired performance outcomes and integrate into your organizational context.

Sample Mandate - Enhance Performance and Profitability

Our work with this manufacturing firm was on-site, bi-weekly, over several months with a goal to improve operational efficiency and bottom line results.  Outcomes?  Client goals were exceeded.  Costs were reduced by more than 10% while concurrently throughput rose by 8% and those gains were sustained.  How was this achieved?  In a word, through leaders.  We worked at all levels from front line supervisors to GM to help them: establish and commit to clear performance goals and metrics; improve leader/subordinate and interdepartmental communication; make performance indicators visible; align efforts; execute effectively; hold themselves and others accountable for outcomes; and learn and grow as a team. Coaching leaders "real time" on the job they became more effective at driving change that increased individual, team and organizational performance.  During the mandate we delivered over 500% ROI on the consulting investment and the organization sustained those gains.  

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What differentiates Playford Performance Consulting?  We asked our clients, and this is what they said:

  • We listen first.  Then act.  Mandate objectives, scope and consulting frequency/density is co-designed with you.
  • We align/integrate with your operations.  First we learn your issues, systems and culture, then adjust our approach to best serve you.  
  • We build from your strengths.  You have a foundation of talent, capability and achievement.  Together we leverage those strengths. 
  • We support you with backbone and heart.   We challenge and support every leader to aim high and execute..."step up, and play big"!