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​Coaching conversations happen over several months with a sharp focus on achieving your goals.  The majority of our clients prefer hour long conversations bi-weekly by telephone or Skype.  You come prepared with the issue/focus for the coaching conversation.  Your coach brings a powerful process that supports you to gain insight on the issue, explore choices, plan the way forward and commit to action and accountability.  We welcome conversations between the scheduled calls at anytime.  


Is there proof coaching works?  Yes!  In a recent ICF Global Coaching Client Study, clients reported a range of benefits including improved work performance, better business management, more efficient time management, increased team effectiveness, more growth and opportunities, greater self-confidence, enhanced relationships, more effective communication skills and better work/life balance. 


We deliver leadership coaching that is affordable in terms of your time and financial investment and results in immediate and sustained returns on your investment.  Our corporate coaching rate for an individual leader is $600 per month.  Engagements are usually six months duration.  Specialized assessments such as Personal Strengths, 360 degree feedback, and other tools and services are available at additional cost on an as-needed basis.  

We welcome a conversation to discuss your particular needs and goals.  No obligation, call anytime!​​

Leader and team coaching

In today's fast moving and complex world, leaders must jump into the future at an accelerated pace, no matter the size of the changes that are required to deliver and sustain successful outcomes.  We think of this as leaders "stepping up….and playing big."  Your coach supports you "real time", in the context of your own work, to leverage your strengths and step up to the learning and change needed to accelerate your performance.  We are proven leaders and trained executive coaches.  Coaching has been a critical element in our own leadership growth and success and we are passionate about our coaching relationship delivering that same value to you.  In every relationship we:

  • Coach with backbone and heart, bringing a powerful, focused process that supports your desired results.
  • Focus on leveraging your strengths.  We employ the “Excelerator Coaching Model” that is the foundation of the Royal Roads University Executive Coaching Program and is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).  We abide by the ICF Code of Conduct. 
  • Challenge you to stretch and cultivate your insights, zero in on issues, choose and commit to a course of action and be purposeful in executing on those commitments.  

    What impact can you expect from the coaching relationship?  
    Exceptional performance outcomes for yourself, your teams and your organization.

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Proven Leaders.
​exceptional outcomes.

The coaching process:

Focus and Launch: 

We establish the coaching relationship with you by clarifying and committing to your desired outcomes, expressed as measurable goals.  We begin with our "Coaching Launch Insights” tools and customize our process to integrate your experience, organizational priorities and resources.  When coaching in the context of your leadership work, we typically engage your immediate supervisor in a coach/leader/supervisor conversation at the launch, midpoint and conclusion of the mandate.  This ensures alignment of your desired outcomes, supports and reinforces your results.