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About Us

Playford Performance Group Inc. is a Leadership Development firm founded in 1995.


We passionately serve and inspire leaders to learn, grow and take action that accelerates, elevates and sustains exceptional performance outcomes.

Our Values

In all we do, we commit to live and operate by our core values of Wellness, Fairness, Courage, Integrity and Curiosity.


We serve the mental, physical and emotional wellness of people; we focus on cultivating learning, strength and resilience in ourselves, our communities and all those we serve.


We are inclusive, impartial and honest, delivering just treatment without bias, favoritism or discrimination; honouring each person’s unique circumstances, needs and lived experiences.


With humility and assertiveness we face fear and discomfort head on, making difficult decisions and taking action in pursuit of growth, learning, performance and change.



We are accountable and honest, delivering value and generating results with consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong morals and ethics, taking right action for right action’s sake.


We are inquisitive, playful, open to learn, ready, willing and able to poke around and figure something out, acting in pursuit of “how is better possible?”.

Meet our Leadership Team

Each member of our PPG team is a proven senior leader, skillful trainer, facilitator and coach. 

We bring our varied leadership experience to support people across a range of industries. 

Our passion is to serve and inspire leaders at all levels and stages of development. 

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